I’m a girl who lives in Hong Kong.

I didn’t quite finish my philosophy degree in Edinburgh.

I love literature, old movies, neuroscience and children’s book illustrations, in no particular order. I am passionate about the conversation on mental health, lgbtq issues, and in one of my more delusional moments I fancy myself a bit of a writer.

I used to think i would grow up to be a spy, or, failing that, marry well. Clearly that didn’t happen and I’m still churning out commercial crap for a living. That said, I’ve grown to admire good copy for what it is (and isn’t).

I think this blog is about the good things that vanished, and the good things which are yet to come. And the bad in between.

Cheers, and come hang out here for a little while –  be surprised, be bored, and, very occasionally, be stimulated.


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