Choices after chocolate

Feeling somewhat more charitable today, especially after over-indulging on a boxful of chocolates.

Upon consideration, would like to salvage what seems incontrovertibly broken – ’tis the season for reconciliations after all. But I have no practical plan, lol lol lol.

But again it’s entirely foreseeable that I might just end up abandoning Project Resuscitation, for do I really have it in me – the ability to sustain hope and interest and love and charity and all these other positive qualities, against lethargy and bitterness and pessimism?

With sugar still spiking through my bloodstream, I really wanted to say, yes, yes, yes…you do, you still do.


‘Tis the Season

Christmas. With the seasonal cheer comes the ghosts of Christmases past. Happy days sipping mulled wine in sub-zero temperatures; slightly less happy days in a doctor’s office sipping tap water as my mind unravelled. Ah, what a difference a day/month makes!

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