Something new, something old; something finished, something yet untold

Am going to be very teenage and post up lyrics: of an ancient song I first heard when I saw The Royal Tenenbaums as a teenager. Don’t remember much about the movie itself (twee and quirky like all Wes Anderson films) but the soundtrack is smashing and has stayed with me every since. Especially this:

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Dial M for Mother

Had the weirdest dream ever in which basically everyone I’ve ever known and loved and fallen out with showed up in a haunted house. It wasn’t the pleasantest dream while it was going on (there were also some mice and a couple of gory deaths involving parents), but when I woke up I sensed it could be in some way cathartic. Continue reading


A Post-Fairy Tale

Blood and sugar

Spiked the hunger,

And hunger blossomed

Into a fever.

The slow treacly burn

Of basic desire.


And soon it was dark.

And then it was darkest.

And then it was darker.


Black and purple and green and blue

Deep red welts and a faded bruise.



Give me your fists will you

So I could stay its pummeling –

If just for this moment


But you say –


Give me your lips will ya

So I could kiss you back


Into breathing.


Never quite got the hang of writing poetry. Despite my love for the genre, I’m a prose person all the way through. (I think because poetry requires not only a sense of musicality, but also a passion for truth, which I don’t have)

But sometimes I do make occasional, brave forays into the land of verse. And ah, there’s nothing like bad poetry to lift the spirits on an autumn morning, eh?



Sometimes when I look as if I’m very far away, I am in fact trying really hard to be present.

Being present has never been harder than it is right now. Sometimes when I open my eyes, I feel like the apocalypse is upon me. But then all that’s before me, in reality, is merely a plastic bag and some kids running around in a park.

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Dispatches from Toytown

Finally on the edge of finishing a shit-tonne of work. I forgot that it’s actually rather pleasant to work hard, provided that my brain can function moderately and that said work is not so challenging as to be crushing. Ah, one more day and freedom will be mine again! If only for a week or so.

A lot of unpleasant characters at work, but what can I say. I am somewhat reminded of the time my friend delivered this verdict on one of my oldest, bestest friends: ‘She’s not a bad person, but that doesn’t mean she’s a good person either.’ I suppose that’s where most people lie, in those morally grey areas of shade. Continue reading


Too busy to think these days. Even forgot the lipstick yesterday and felt really shitty and somewhat naked as I sat through the morning MTR rush of pretty ladies and doddering old men, thinking to myself: My, there was a time when to go out fresh-faced and make-up-free was a viable option.

Am very annoyed with several things in my life, but don’t feel particularly compelled to correct them right now as 1. Feel enslaved to somewhat shitty job + shitty freelance and 2. Pride’s getting in the way. One day I will potentially feel sad and ashamed instead of annoyed but right now all I feel is a profound sense of irritation, with myself, with other people – both close and not-so-close.

To sum up:

As the heart grows older/It will come to such sights colder

(I had this pinned up above my bed when I was at uni, which says a lot about my mental health I daresay)

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A little visual pick-me-up:

Bunny Maira Kalman

Wish I could be more like the bunny in question and less like the current slothful, lethargic me.

Need to find find viable ways of ‘meaningful distraction’ – be it long walks or non-fiction books or new video games.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, joggers are whizzing through the neighbourhood, the trees are filled with birdsong – but here I’m curled up on the couch, staring into space…

I wish words like ‘spring’ and ‘action’ could yet apply to me.